PV Maintenance

Why clean solar panels?

Many factors can affect the performance of your Solar Panels. Solar panels can operate up to 25% less efficiently when they are not clean. Not maintaining your solar panels can void your Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Ideally, solar panels should be cleaned and maintained every 3 months, however, we know that is not always possible with other priorities in life. Panel maintenance at least twice a year is recommended considering the seasonal changes that affect the panels.

Clean panels produce more power, therefore increasing the solar light absorption time – dirty panels take longer to turn the solar system on and result in lower electricity produced. Clean panels are also more efficient in the rain.

Panel cleaning is done in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand Standards – AS/NZ 5033:2005 Standards – Installation of PV Arrays.

Results are immediately visible when a solar panel has been cleaned (when the sun is out).

What makes solar panel less efficient?

  • Dirt and dust
  • Road grime and exhaust emissions from traffic
  • Tree debris
  • Insects excretion
  • Bat and bird faeces
  • Salt build up
  • Mould and moss
  • Pollens
  • Moisture penetration of panels
  • Glass discolouration
  • Mineral deposits from tap water
  • Shading from overhanging trees
  • Commercial and Industrial Residue

Service Options

Choose from Green Solar’s 3 Levels of Solar Service:


Purely a thorough clean of your solar panels using products and materials that will not damage panels or void your solar panel warranty. This will provide an immediate increase in the efficiency of your solar system.

Clean and Nanotech

This service provides the thorough clean using products and materials suitable to your panels that will not void or damage your panels.We then apply a nanotechnology coating to your panels. This not only ensure that your panels will stay cleaner for longer, it also means that when it rains, your panels will be greatly more efficient with water streaming off the glass surface. Green-Solar will only use products that do not damage and do not void your warranty – it will actually extend the life and the efficiency of your panels. What this means to you is a higher return on your panels and more $$$.

Full System Check, Clean and Nanotech

This includes the thorough clean, as above, and the application of the nanotechnology.What makes a full system check so beneficial  is ensuring your system and all of its components are operating at peak performance:

  • Maintain your warranty
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Log Book provided to monitor performance over time
  • Check mounts are secure and not causing roof leakage
  • Check the torque settings on mounting frame to manufacturer’s specifications. Ensure they are not overtight or coming loose
  • Shade Impact Advice & Monitoring
  • Physical Electrical & Systems Inspections
  • Electrical Testing
  • Check system installation is to Australian Standards.

For your peace of mind, Green-Solar has Public Liability insurance and a safe work procedure. We use soft ladder brackets to protect your gutters.