It is hard to trust testimonials these days. With so many companies employing the services of review companies to provide ‘fake’ great reviews.

Green Solar is different. We will give you the telephone number of any of these reviews to prove that each of these reviews below are genuine, happy Green Solar customers.

We want all of our customers to be so impressed with our service, they have no choice but to leave a 5 star review.

Jordana from Oxley, Queensland


Paul was incredibly upfront, friendly and extremely knowledgeble. Definitely not some wanker reading off a script. The installation was quick, professional, and without any issues. The installers were very experienced. I also really appreciate the follow up after installation. It demonstrates a lot of care and consideration about their customers.

Jenice McDowall


Attention to detail was excellent, Green Solar really came to the party when other companies were stuffing me around. The quality was superb and they really helped me out. The price was very competitive with other solar companies and second to none service. On top of this, from start to finish took 1 week.

Jamie Hanelt

Amazing service especially when I needed to claim warranty on my inverter, I didn’t even know I had a problem but because they remotely monitor my system they rang me and told me there was a issue. The true guide of how good a company is in my opinion based on the service they provide once you have already handed your money over and Green Solar has far exceeded any expectations I had when I first decided to go Solar.

Glenda Mennis

After getting a few quotes I ended up going with a good feeling I had about choosing Paul after our first meeting because of his easy going personality and yet not the pushy approach as well as having a very good knowledge of which solar system was well suited to our everyday needs and still at an affordable cost and going with quality products. Paul has taken a personal interest in us as a customer and it’s never any trouble for him to sort anything out whether it’s over the phone or to come out to our place and work out in person. I’m so happy that we went with Paul from Green Solar.

Andrew Bowring


Their service and efficiency was 100%. Could not be faulted. Paul who was our contact was down to earth, wasn’t pushy, was professional and was very knowledge able about his product.

Pam McKinnon


Fantastic customer service, the install was done soon after we made our decision and the price was great! The system works perfectly and it all looks very neat and tidy. Brilliant company!