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Brisband Solar Panels


Another beautiful installation by Green Solar.

This 5kW system has been oversized to 6095 Watts of panels. The customer chose the European made ABB PVI 5000-OUTD with 23 x 265w Canadian Solar Polycrystalline Panels.

This customer’s roof is ideal for all day solar  production as it has a great North Eastern and North Western Face. We split the solar panels 12 North East with 11 North West. In Brisbane, in our experience this will help the customer achieve the greatest savings.

This customer bundled 2 installs together and was able to get 2 solar systems at a huge discount. If it’s cheaper for us here at Green Solar, why shouldn’t it be cheaper for the customer. Green Solar will always pass savings on.

Often when we discuss the layout of panels with a customer we get 1 of 2 responses:

  1. We want it here (which is fine)
  2. Put it where it is most efficient

This customer has 3 Children and one partner works from home during daylight hours. If we had placed all of the panels North East, they would have high production in the morning through to the early afternoon, however, later afternoon the production would be quite low and inevitably the customer would be buying electricity from the grid.

By placing half of the panels North-East & North-West, the customer will have good morning production and afternoon production, meaning less reliance on the grid.

When we have the opportunity to place the panels all North, sometimes we suggest otherwise. This is purely due due to their usage patterns. It might sound counter-intuitive, however, if a customer only uses their power in the morning and afternoon, why would we want the customer to have most of their production during the middle of the day when no one is home.

We know already at Green Solar that this system is going to outperform our estimates, however, we would rather over-deliver and under-promise.

This is why Green Solar installations work better and you’ll never hear a bad word about our installs at a BBQ. Solar Systems that are designed with the customer in mind work well!

Solar System Brisbane

Solar System Brisbane